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The course is 2 days 1 night beginning on Saturday morning and ending on Sunday afternoon .

Each participant will be required to sign a waiver upon arrival at the school property.

Porta-Pots will be available on site.

Fresh Drinking water will be available on site.

Bring any foods or snacks you'll need for the weekend.

Bring any medications you take or need.


Meeting Location




The meeting location will be at the address below. Be at this location by 9AM Saturday morning (we recommend being 10 minutes early).

After the instructors have met you at this location, you will then be asked to follow them to the school property.



Meeting Location Address & Link:



9 Chesapeake Plaza, Chesapeake, OH 45619


Material that will be covered over the class

Building a Fire Kit

Birds Nest/ Tinder Bundle Construction

Material Selection

Fire Making Basics

Ferro Rod Techniques

One Hand Firestarting




Firelay Techniques

Solar Fire Techniques

Natural Fire Starters

Bic Lighter Hacks

and More!


What you can expect during the class

Dealing with the elements & unpredictable weather (cold, rain, snow, hot, muggy etc)

Collection of materials off the landscape

1-2 mile hikes over uneven terrain


Required Equipment List

Belt Knife

Swiss Army Knife or Multitool

Folding Saw

Ferro Rod

2 Bic Lighters

Storm Proof Matches

100FT of No.36 Tarred Bankline

Fire Starters ( Wetfire, Cotton Balls & Vaseline etc.)

Magnifying Lens or Fresnel Lens (at least a 5 power)

2 Inch Roll of Gorilla Tape

55 Gallon Drum Liner (Minimum 2 Mil Thickness)

Notebook W/ Pens/Pencils

Food & Snacks

Any Medications You Take

Camping equipment


Students will be allowed to camp on site if they choose to do so. If you dont want to camp on site for the duration of the class that is fine, you will be allowed to leave the school property at the end of the day to grab food, supplies, or stay in a hotel. Bring any food or medications that you take on a daily basis.

Firecraft Workshop

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